Sanshey Biswas

Journalist from India.
Phone: +91 9660255697

About me

My journalism career hasn’t followed a conventional path. My first job was at a newspaper, and as an engineering graduate I had a lot to learn. Since I am a problem solver, I taught myself writing, reporting, reading analytics, shooting and editing videos (on phone and desktop), developing editorial strategies and adapting to new storytelling techniques and formats. Including working on page layouts, web dev, 360° videos, live-streaming and Stories.

So in the newsrooms I’ve worked in, I was considered the jack of all trades — called in to help in all kinds of emergencies. To help more newsrooms and journalists, I branched out on my own and started my journo-preuneur journey.

My skills

I learned to report and write on tight deadlines covering daily news at India’s second largest English newspaper. And published feature stories at a weekly newspaper before that. I can report in English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali & Punjabi.
I produce, shoot and edit news videos using any equipment available — phones, camera or computer. I have managed social channels with subscriber counts ranging from thousands to millions.
Basic web design and development; and a substantial understanding of data security and ops for journalism.